XXVI. CSAVA annual conference – workshops

XXVI. CSAVA annual conference – workshops


Dear collegues, we would like to invite you to XXVI. CSAVA Annual conference workshops.

Workshops information, Registration

Date of event: 2.11.2018
Venue: Brno (see each workshops´ specification)

Friday 2.11.2018


VetBusinessForum – Royal Canin: Dealing with customers

Venue: BVV Brno Congress Centre, main entrance to BVV

  • Antje Blättner (DE)

Alternative medicine – How to deal with clients with „odd“ requirements and attitudes in everyday practice (clients using garlic against fleas, BARF fans…)
Master league of communication – how to deal with angry, sad or disappointed clients 
We all have our special clients – dialog with an important person
It‘s a veterinary performance! How to impress your client and win his YES due to giving an excellent consultation

Workshop: Proper and effective dealing with clients

Venue: BVV Brno Congress Centre, main entrance to BVV

Maximal number of participants 50 , workshops 2 x 25

Cost – 1950 CZK (75 EUR), member of CSAVA 1700 CZK (65 EUR)
Cost – theory + workshop 2550 CZK (98 EUR) , member of CSAVA 2250 CZK (87 EUR)

Double pelvic osteotomy

Venue: Mendel Univerzity, Zemědělská 1, Building C

Dr. Scott Lozier, DVM, DACVS
CV [PDF; 0,49 MB]

VEarly diagnostics of HJD in a young dog
Indication for DPO 
Principles and biomechanics of DPO
Surgical approaches to DPO
DPO technique , Postoperative care, Complications after DPO

Drylab: Training on plastic bones
Wetlab: Training of the surgical approach and surgical techniques with authentic implants (canine bodies)

Maximal number of participants – 12!
Cost – 17700 CZK (680 EUR)

NOTE: Do not pay for the participation before you receive the invoice! An invoice will be sent to you after the registration by Intrauma. Thank you!

Rigid endoscopy

Venue: Mendel Univerzity, Zemědělská 1, Building M

MVDr. Kamil Tomša, Dipl. ECVIM-CA
CV [PDF; 0,57 MB]

Technical equipment for rigid endoscopy
Rhinoscopy- theory
Vaginoscopy, cystoscopy – theory

Workshop: Rhinoscopy, Cystoscopy

Maximal number of participants 16!
Cost- non-member of CSAVA 9680 CZK, member of CSAVA 8470 CZK, member of surgical section of CSAVA 7260 CZK

Sonography of the head, neck, thorax and orthopaedic structures

Venue: Mendel Univerzity, Zemědělská 1, Building C

We are also pleased to introduce the leaders of the theoretical and practical training, who will be Prof. Katharina Hittmair from Department of a Diagnostic Imaging of the Vienna Veterinary University a Dr. Thorsten Rick a recent resident of ECVID from University of Ghent.

The workshop will provide practical training of sonographic techniques focused on special sonographic areas like head, neck, thorax and orthopedic structures. First part of the workshop will be the theoretical introduction of the topic and in the second part you will have the opportunity to provide the examination under the supervision of our speakers. The practical training will be provided on actual canine patients.

The number of participants is limited to 20 and will be dived to 4-5 working groups.

We are looking forward to meeting you at these unique event and hope that we will help you to improve your practical skills in this interesting part of diagnostic imaging.

Theoretical Introduction – Sonography of the head and neck
Theoretical Introduction – Sonography of the Thorax
Theoretical Introduction – Sonography of orthopaedic structures
Practical Sonography training

Cost – 7800 CZK (300 EUR) member of CSAVA, 7200 CZK member of oncological section of CSAVA , 8500 CZK (327 EUR) non-member of CSAVA

Preliminary Schedule

  • 8:30 –     9:00 Registration
  • 9:00 –   10:00 Theoretical Introduction – Sonography of the head and neck
  • 10:00 – 10:30 Coffee Break
  • 10:30 – 11:30 Theoretical Introduction – Sonography of the Thorax
  • 11:30 – 12:00 Theoretical Introduction – Sonography of orthopedic structures
  • 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 – 16:30 Practical Sonography training (with one 30 minute coffee break)